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"Allow me to extend my heartfelt gratitude for your invaluable contributions towards fostering a sense of unity, inclusivity, and mutual respect within our cherished coastal Orange County community. You stand among the multitude of dedicated individuals who share a common vision for the transformative changes we can collectively instigate. I eagerly anticipate the prospect of collaborating closely with you as we endeavor to realize the harmonious unity and substantial progress that our joint efforts can manifest in Southern California, Orange County, and America as a whole. We are all one nation and one people." -Dom Jones 

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Dom has travelled the world with her fiance, rich, as team "Love & Light" on season 34 of cbs' the amAzing race!

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There may be no better way to communicate what we do than through images. Dom is someone you must meet and experience and we want you to feel the magnitude and incredible care of our next Assemblywoman.

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Hands Voting

ISSUES dom will fight for!


Small business and economic success are vital for supporting everyday Americans and their families. Keeping the cost of goods low is essential for promoting affordability and accessibility for all. Caring for America and humanity means upholding and fighting for the prosperity and well-being of our local communities


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Environmental justice is about social equity and human rights, not just preserving our planet. Marginalized communities are disproportionately affected by pollution and climate change. Fighting for clean air and water for all is crucial for a fairer, healthier, and more sustainable future.



Protecting a woman's right to control her own body is essential in America, where reproductive autonomy is under constant threat. Upholding this fundamental civil right empowers women to make their own choices and preserves their bodily integrity and personal autonomy.

Addressing women's bodily autonomy


Protecting the Marriage Equality Act, ending all forms of discrimination, and upholding civil rights for all Americans is crucial to building a strong and just democracy. It is only by embracing and celebrating our diversity that we can truly move forward as a united and prosperous nation.

Civil Rights, equity

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Our Police, Firefighters, and First Responders are the brave guardians and protectors of our coastal cities, and we must do everything in our power to support and protect them. We must also defend the rights of all workers, including those in labor unions, who deserve fair compensation and the ability to collectively bargain for their important contributions to our society.

Protect first responders & Labor Force


Healthcare is a basic human right, and Medicare for All is the only way to ensure that all Americans have access to the care they need to live healthy and fulfilling lives. Providing healthcare for all is not just an act of kindness, it is a fundamental duty of our society to ensure that no one suffers or dies because they cannot afford medical treatment

healthcare as a human right

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Our youth

Our public education system's success relies on protecting our youth and promoting their social and emotional well-being, which has been highlighted by the pandemic's impact on social interaction and emotional support. Comprehensive "Well-Being" programs implemented as public policy enable students to thrive academically while supporting their mental and emotional health, essential for their future leadership and societal contributions. 

HB Goals
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